After many weeks of reprogression, Stoic has defeated Archimonde and sent Gul'dan packing! I'd like to thank all the players who persevered and excelled through WoD. We look forward to follow Gul’dan and put an end to his schemes in Legion, and welcome any skilled and dedicated players to our ranks. Please see our recruitment details for more information.

Archimonde dead

Vassie Sick!
Panda Gratz!!! Omg... at this rate you guys will be done w/ HFC before I'm done w/ the bar exam...

Two more have fallen

AshaGrejoy posted Feb 14, 16

Panda Gratz guys!
Stupidus Is it just me or are these pics stretching? Anyways GJ guys Mannoroth this week WOOOO HYPE

With all the hullabaloo of the holidays over, it's time to get caught up with everything we've accomplished!

Panda Gratz on'em kills! Oh... and my new GTX 970 says hi.

(Council coming soon when I find it)

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Reminder! We've a guild meeting tomorrow (Tues 8/16) at 8pm in Discord
stupid ddos cant get online...
I had a great time running with you guys. thanx all for the help and advice
Ok i'll mail him tonight. I havent been able to get ahold of an officer for an invite yet either
You should mail Modeus-Bonechewer if you haven't in order to setup a date for it.
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